Is the forum time commitment worth the outcome?

Yes. Even more so now that many people are working remotely. ForumWithin helps create and maintain a culture of mutual respect and empathy. Employees commit to a 2+hour forum meeting each month. The outcome is a ten fold increase in communication, collaboration, loyalty and trust.

Will ForumWithin™ be effective for my employees working from home?

Yes. We have a great set of virtual meeting norms and exercises designed specifically for people who aren’t in the same room. This is a tangible way for teams to be connected and loyal despite the isolation of working remotely.

My team is really busy and I am not sure they will have the capacity to add forum to their commitments.

You and your executive team can be involved as much or as little as you wish. If you’re at capacity, start ForumWithin slowly. We will create the forum groups, design internal messaging, and set up and run the meetings.

Is it uncomfortable to work with people after hearing their personal stories?

Many people wonder about this, but our testimonials show the opposite. People are more comfortable with each other, more likely to communicate, and more likely to collaborate after sharing their true stories with each other.

I love my YPO/EO forum but what will ForumWithin™ do for my bottomline?

Conservatively, ForumWithin™ will increase intentional communication tenfold. Issues are shared quickly and with less fuss, managers at all levels have fewer personnel-conflict fires, procrastination is removed around decisions and HR receives well-constructed resolutions. In short, ForumWithin will allow your people to prioritize their true work instead of putting out fires.

What would be the ForumWithin™ Investment?

We are able to reduce the certified forum facilitation expense because we package four training sessions and two refresh sessions per year toward self sufficiency. After executive and culture board development agreements, facilitation is generally $1000-$2000 per hour per forum of 10 people depending on virtual or live sessions, in addition to moderator and member training, all the pre and post impact studies and forum health assessments. This cost can be spread over time and budget periods.

As one CEO stated, "The cost of a complete change in culture for 100 employees is about the same as “One Bad Hire”.

After I invest in training are forums independent & perpetual?

Yes. Our Certified Associates facilitate the first four meetings to train the forums and moderators. We come back to refresh each forum after their next four independent sessions. At the anniversary of each forum we facilitate a health assessment and review the culture boards processes. We are always available to consult for your people and process issues.

What is the cost of sending a key employee to The League?

For the year 2020 the cost is $2300 per new participant with a renewal projection of $1800 per person in 2021.This includes four facilitated group sessions by a certified ForumWithin Associate, all materials, moderator training, health surveys, a forum league officer and Board and facilitation for a retreat after 12 meetings.

Who determines the employee selection for forums and when each forum will begin?

We work with the CEO and a select Culture Committee to determine your best direction. We usually suggest starting a few forums, letting the ‘buzz’ spread, and then opening more forums to satisfy the demand. We have precise formulas for starting forums, so you can keep running your company while we support your cultural process.

For the League, the commissioner, the forum officer and the Board help determine forum membership.


I currently have a few executives in Vistage. How would this be different?

ForumWithin™ is focused on building trust and loyalty in your company specifically. Our forums connect teams and build culture, so your executives will experience better communication, more collaboration, and more trust in their everyday experience at your company. Executives in Vistage who joined forums have found the experience to be a total complement.


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