League Forums

Backed by a team of Certified Facilitators, our strategy is to design network, chapter and leadership forum groups. The outcomes are new trusting relationships, collaboration, and professional development. Our unique training cadence, certified facilitators, peer alignment, perpetual advisory, and administrative support, guarantees best practices in your league forums.


The League was designed to create a whole new level of intentional communication, networking and experience sharing among key executives at different companies with the same job description, such as a "League Operations Forum". 


The League is also perfectly suited for professional association members, educators, and business networks in non competing territories, services or production. The Purpose of the League is to bring professionals together in a trusting and safe environment to share experiences, gain professional relationships, and discover themselves.

  • Executive level networking at a whole new level of communication by sharing family, personal and business stories."

  • Intentional communication. Executives learn a new respectful language and listening skills. Business connections and communication increase when key employees exchange stories in their League forums.

  • Heightened collaboration from new trusting relationships because of personal development, group interaction and shared stories.

  • New forum leadership roles with a league committee and officers. ​

  • These transformations are supported, self directed and perpetual.


ForumWithin™ is not a seminar, motivation program, personal coaching or office meeting. Forums are self moderated and self-directed in a league design. The meetings are a safe place to share experiences, practice trust, and deepen relationships

Protected conversation promotes personal development. ForumWithin™ is voluntary with commitments. Leadership opportunities are created with new roles in the forums and the League. The process encourages recruitment, retention and transparent departures. ForumWithin™ processes demand privacy within personal and business stories. Networks are transformed within the marketplace guided by the League. Executives gain lifelong listening skills and relationships.

Empathy & Trust

It feels good to share our experiences, and even better when others empathize in response to our stories. 


Sharing with empathetic listeners in a safe, self-regulated meeting environment allows groups to appreciate each other, respect each other and build new relationships. Trust is developed by each personal decision to protect a colleague’s information in a confidential setting.


ForumWithin™ is supported by a League Committee, Commissioner, and Forum Officer who determine the makeup of companies, forums, titles, and moderators. Forum moderators, in a leadership group themselves, also become carriers of the network and trust principles.


ForumWithin™ is supported by a League Committee, Commissioner, and Forum Officer who determine the makeup of companies, forums, titles, and moderators. Forum moderators, in a leadership group themselves, also become carriers of the network and trust principles.


Your industry, association, chapters and leadership teams are unique. Therefore the League Forums are designed and structured around your membership makeup, existing event calendar, dues cycles, and education programs. We create forum enrollment periods and teach the forum process to new peer groups, onboarding/departing members and for planned moderator turnover at retreats.

Staggered Start

Start a new forum each month 


  • Staggered Start is very attractive because of an overlapping forum ramp up that creates a healthy buzz in the office month to month as new forums are formed.

All - In

All forums start and repeat in the same four months


  • This pattern is a great combination of privately facilitated forums progressing in unison.

  • The concentrated delivery results in a culture shift in 4-6 months.


Talent Forum

A league forum by Talent involves executives and management team members with similar job titles and responsibilities from different companies."The attraction to start the group is a common language from niche duties, however the true value grows when lifestyle, family issues, personal work challenges and market pressures are shared.


  • A forum of all Finance executives, or all Operations officers.

Mixed Title Forum

Forums designed by title or level include executives from different companies at similar levels on the org chart. These forums would combine executives in HR, Operations, Finance, Marketing, IT, Sales, etc., all at senior or other chosen job description level. The impact of mixed job titles in a forum is the cross pollination of business awareness and industry challenges from more viewpoints.

Forum by Profession

Forums by Profession would bring together Attorneys in a peer group, Doctors in a peer group, etc. Various size firms, different specialties, etc. make for powerful sharing and deeper relationships as an Association Membership Benefit.


ForumWithin™ virtual sessions are usually two hours, while in-person sessions are three hours in length, and follow the same format as in-person facilitations to independence. Members use video conferencing or select group platform and login with a Certified Facilitator, full agenda and forum Moderator.

Traveling members, illnesses, work at home, OEM’s, satellite offices, etc. can be accommodated.


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