League Forums

Why would we create peer groups Within our Association?

Because members want: a platform to share experiences, an intimate peer process for personal development, to exchange best practices, to embrace diverse relationships, and to create intentional communication for membership value.


League Forums

Our goal is to design network, chapter, and leadership peer groups which create new trusting connections for your members. Our unique training cadence, certified facilitators, peer alignment, perpetual advisory, and administrative support will guarantee best practices in your League Forums. League members will experience a whole new level of intentional personal and business communication for themselves and for their key executives. 



Following facilitated learning sessions, your colleagues will meet independently in groups of 8-10 to share experiences and deepen relationships. Your leaders will be exposed to other professionals in confidential circles with opportunities to moderate and influence within your association.

While League participation is voluntary, commitments are made to each other in each forum.



The League is designed and administered by ForumWithin, facilitated by Certified Associates, and overseen by a League Forum Officer and Leadership team. These players assess the companies, members, forums, and moderators.


League “Member” Forums

They bring association, industry and network members together in peer groups. Members from various size firms, different specialties, and locations, meet in a confidential setting to share experiences and best practices, forming deep relationships under this Membership Benefit.

League “Senior Executive” Forums

They include C suite and management team members with similar job titles and responsibilities from different companies. The original attraction is a common professional education and language, however the true value of these peer groups grows when lifestyle, family issues, work challenges and market pressures, are shared in confidentiality.


Your industry, association, chapters, and leadership teams are unique. Your membership forum cycles will need to coordinate with your event calendar and education programs. We will help design and announce enrollment periods, teach ForumWithin processes to your members, and support your program.


Welcome to The League !