Forum As An Employee Benefit

ForumWithin™ will help design your culture to be built around respectful communication and trust by using a new relationship language with continual practice. The results are unlike many seminars, motivational speakers and professional development programs, because forums are perpetual and self-directed.  Forums are voluntary which creates a sense of ownership with leadership roles that will promote personal development. Forum meetings are safe places to share experiences and deepen relationships through issue clearing and proper internal protocols. These enhanced relationships will increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Backed by a team of Certified Associates, our Strategy for Culture is the Design of virtual forum meetings during COVID separation and for the solidification of your new Culture Norms. It will be the impact of new Employee Relationships in your new culture that determines your future. ForumWithin will help you design a peer group that shares personal experiences in a respectful language, with intentional communication and collaboration.


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Our purpose is to create forums for employees as their number one benefit. When forums are designed and implemented well, a company’s culture will become more diverse, collaborative, inclusive, and profitable. 


ForumWithin transforms corporate cultures when 8-10 people gather monthly and follow a prescribed meeting format and protocol.


Forums are designed for internal issue clearing, cross department communication, leadership opportunities, collaboration and a new language around sharing and listening.


Self-sustaining forums within a company culture will dramatically improve recruitment and employee retention. (Vynamic 2017-2019)


ForumWithin helps develop a new culture by creating a structured and nurturing environment, where people learn more deeply about themselves and each other.

Empathy & Trust


It feels good to share your experiences.... even more rewarding when someone asks why you feel the way you do....and the best when empathy arises and others share their experiences and feelings in response to your story.


The personal decision to respect the source of a colleague’s information in a confidential setting creates a new bond among coworkers. Trust deepens even more when a forum determines what information exits the group in situations of personal and corporate risk, and then loops back. How much a forum member shares is self regulated in a safe meeting environment.

ForumWithin sessions are usually 3 hours in-person and 2 hours in virtual meetings, held roughly every month at a time that’s meant to incorporate the schedules of all the forum members. Meetings will include moderated exercises, personal stories, professional hurdles and in-depth discussions.


ForumWithin is supported by a culture committee, forum officer and forum liaison  who determine the makeup of each forum combining titles, departments and diversity. Forum moderators, in a leadership group themselves, also become carriers of the trust principles and company culture.

Step 1: Design

Ten Four

Ten people, four sessions, repeat   


  • Ten Four has the advantage of methodical personal attention to each forum with a gradual culture acceptance, new vocabulary and bonding of forum mates.

  • This delivery is also spread out over several budget periods.

All In

All forums start and repeat in the same four months


  • This pattern is a great combination of privately facilitated forums progressing in unison.

  • The concentrated delivery results in a culture shift in 4-6 months.

Staggered Start

Start a new forum each month 


  • Staggered Start is very attractive because of an overlapping forum ramp up that creates a healthy cultural buzz in the office month to month as new forums are formed.

  • Staggered forums create launch dates in half the time of TenFour.

Culture Shock

Moderators are trained first, then paired with their 9 forum mates in four full corporate attended sessions.


  • Culture Shock creates a dramatic and rapid change in the openness and trust your company exhibits.

  • The full company forum-gathered sessions demonstrate corporate commitment to Forum and Culture.

Step 2: Member Selection


Horizontal membership involves an executive team, management team or suite titles.



  • Horizontal selection has a tendency to create an “US vs Them”message internally, as new relationships are formed in the face of others who are not participating. However, sometimes executive buy-in first is necessary to set the tone and commitment of the company.


Vertical membership creates teams in a department, unit or office location


  • Vertical selection will have people in the same forum reporting up or down with each other.  However forum content tends to lean heavily toward personal and family issues so business authority fades in importance. Vertical selection strengthens communication within a silo but may isolate relationships outside of forums. Cross department collaboration will take longer with a vertical design.


Diagonal membership involves different titles, levels, offices and departments through the organizational chart.


  • Diagonal selection is preferred for the best sharing and learning opportunities, while expanding communication and collaboration across silos and authority levels.


ForumWithin™ virtual sessions are usually two hours, while in-person sessions are three hours in length, and follow the same format as in-person facilitations to independence. Members use Zoom or select group platform and login with a Certified Facilitator, full agenda and forum Moderator.


  • Traveling members, illnesses, work at home, OEM’s, satellite offices, etc. can be accommodated.

Step 3: Leadership Roles
  • Persons assigned to issues that members felt could not be solved internally.

  • HR Liaison for personnel issues or corporate conflicts

  • Legal Liaison for challenges arising from forum risk exposure

  • Executive Liaison for corporate, administrative, customers and brand

  • The Liaison finds the people, process and information to analyze the issue

  • Determines the proper avenue and timing to return the issue to the forum

  • Liaisons are consulted regularly about the forum program and member turnover

  • Liaison should be in a forum, visit a forum or be instructed how forum handles personal and business issues and the issue clearing process.

Forum Liaisons

  • Forum Officer - leads the scheduling of meetings and supports the moderators

  • Culture Committee - Executives, Forum Officer, Liaison, and moderators

  • Moderators - trained to lead each forum

  • Forum Members - 8-10 employees in a diverse group

  • Forum Liaison - HR, legal or executive

Corporate Leaders

  • Moderators - lead the forums and meeting content

  • Assistant Moderators - help with meeting logistics, backup and protocol

  • Coach - guides extended refresh and stories

  • Storyteller - shared experiences and refresh

  • Pipeline - records future extended updates and stories

  • Scheduler - coordinates meeting dates

  • Timer - assists in each exercise

  • Social Coordinator - before and after meeting logistics and outside gathering

Forum Leaders

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