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All Hands In

People First Planning

We offer incredible peer-group programs, world-class coaching, and custom workshops for teams.

ForumWithin was founded on the idea that carefully constructed peer groups can benefit colleagues in the same way forums have been benefiting CEOs for decades. A forum is an intimate group of individuals who meet frequently to discuss their personal and professional lives in a structured work environment. We design forums to meet the specific needs of your organization using our years of people first relational experience. We have successfully launched thousands of people into hundreds of forums with transformative outcomes.


Executive Coaching

 When teams develop basic agreements and a common lexicon around accountability, communication, and conflict, they unlock the option to be a truly memorable force to be reckoned with. Our workshops focus on specific skill building, in a forum-style format. Participants walk away from our sessions feeling refreshed, clear with each other, and ready to implement specific changes in the way they work together.

Corporate and Key Executive Forums

Our peer groups are modeled after the thought leadership of YPO, EO, and other peer-group originators. Our forums are designed with business in mind, so the meetings are efficient and focus on professional topics like: Accountability, Recognition, Procrastination, Work/Home balance, Team dynamics, Difficult team members, Tactical challenges, Executive Presence, Thinking like an owner, etc. ForumWithin peer groups can exist inside companies, associations, networks, and for C-suite roles in YPO chapters.

Coaching is defined as "a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential." The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. We offer individual coaching for executives and moderator coaching for forum leaders. Individual coaching is a highly customized program offered on a case by case basis. Our moderator coaching is offered to all moderators and tailored to their forum issues.

People with Masks
Aligning your organization's culture with your colleagues.

ForumWithin's founder, John Colburn, was first exposed to the principles of executive forums in 1993 when he joined the Young Presidents Organization. He quickly learned how the pillars of trust, confidentiality,  and communication lead to expanded understanding and collaboration.  He then implemented forum techniques in his large ESOP insurance brokerage. 

After two decades, and numerous YPO forum governance roles, John developed the foundational principles of forums for employees and forums for Key executives in other companies. 

It is a huge challenge to find the right benefits, messaging, meeting structure, authority, and socializing in order to create a positive company culture.  ForumWithin trains peer groups using a proven, respectful protocol that delivers desired results.

Experience The Forum Difference Today.

Our team is excited to discuss how forum can help transform your company culture and increase people engagement.

John Colburn, CEO & Founder 



Sylvia van Meerten, Partner & Lead Associate 


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