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ForumWithin Business

ForumWithin Business is an employee group process derived from research and practice in executive organizations. When leaders share their experiences with each other, they gain an executive advantage. When employees learn our ForumWithin process, their relationships expand to improve communication and define your culture.

The League

“League Forums” are peer groups within an Association, organized by interest group or job position. Intimate communication within The League forums leverages connections among members that extends beyond conventional network gatherings. A League peer group becomes your ultimate membership benefit.

  • Corporations

  • Athletic Teams

  • Associations

  • Unions



ForumWithin was founded on the idea that carefully constructed peer forums can benefit employees in the same way they have been benefiting executives for decades. John was first exposed to the principles of executive forum in 1991 when he joined the Young Presidents Organization. He quickly learned how the pillars of trust, confidentiality,  and communication lead to expanded understanding and collaboration. 

It was after two decades and numerous forum roles, both locally and internationally, he came up with the idea of peer forums. We believe that peer forums carefully balance confidentiality with transparency and competition within regions and businesses. 

We design each forum to meet the specific needs of your company, charity, organization or community using our years of experience. We have successfully launched hundreds of forums and use their feedback to make each new forum a uniquely beneficial experience.


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