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Discovery & Design

Unearthing your
Best Teams

Together we create highly tailored forum strategies based on our comprehensive discovery process and our teams peer group and coaching experience.

The Discovery Process

The review process begins with in-depth research surrounding your company's culture goals and core values. If you have multiple companies, branches and departments, we will review each environment. This means examining structures, relationships, authority lines, and competition as well as possible toxic behaviors.

We will create culture questions with you to set the framework for forum design and membership makeup.

This process will provide our team with a set of relationship and culture goals for your department leaders and key executives. 

Taking Notes
Analyzing Graphs


Our team will report the results, values and metrics surrounding your culture. From here we discuss how the relationships in forums and use of executive coaching can be designed to create professional development, collaboration, respect, trust and improved connections.

Design & Launch

After presenting our key findings to your department leaders and key executives, we will embrace your feedback to create unique group and individual meeting plans. Custom agendas and coaching will help each forum achieve its relationship goals. 

Our team of forum facilitators and moderator coaches will help each forum and executive successfully launch toward improved people awareness and communication for your best work environment. 

Design Studio
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