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Flash Forums

Forums Designed for a Specific Purpose

Flash Forums have a set time period with specific problem-solution outcomes.

How it Works

Flash Forums introduce a meeting protocol and a process to practice respectful language and equal air time, with specific content and a determination of transparency or confidentiality.

Meeting agendas typically are geared toward addressing a specific problem. Structured conversation becomes thought-provoking, with self-reflective exercises and scenarios for deep discussion. All of this is facilitated, timed and efficient.

There is connectivity when each person is sharing personal and business issues in an environment where they don’t feel alone. The forums become a safe place to share without judgment or accusations.

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The Why

The forum environment provokes self-reflection and communication in a way that breaks down silos and unproductive competition across an organization. Forum-style sharing helps a team set aside unhealthy & time-wasting habits such as interrupting, posturing, and political maneuvering. The EQ skills we need to participate in a forum experience can be effectively practiced in individual coaching sessions between forum gatherings. 

Coaching offers leaders an opportunity for personal and professional growth in a focused environment. When leaders have a coach to ask them questions about their underlying motivations, their fears, and their strong emotions, they learn to understand themselves. This self-awareness is the first level of mastery in emotional intelligence and is a baseline skill to participate in forums. 

Once a leader begins to understand the way their own emotions factor into their decision-making, they develop empathy for the way the emotions of their team factors into team decision-making. Leaders who practice self-awareness generally develop an empathetic leadership style that inspires loyalty, collaboration, and true camaraderie.

Leaders who participate in coaching with us also learn to adopt a coaching mindset for their teams. This has a multiplying effect on the productivity of the team because empathy builds trust, and trust builds speed. This is "People First Planning".

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