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Certified Associate

Ron Levene

Ron is an accomplished entrepreneur and long-time member of YPO that grew a 75-year-old family business 5X in revenue and 7x in profitability. By using many of the EOS tools, he also created a successful exit. Ron has served as an indispensable advisor and investor in over a dozen small to mid-size companies.


At age 50, Ron got his Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at University of Pennsylvania. His deep exploration of Psychological Capital and building engaging corporate cultures has been incorporated into a university business program. Ron has served as instructor for Boots-to-Business, a program out of Syracuse University that serves the US Military helping soldiers prepare to return to civilian life via the pathway of entrepreneurship. Ron is an Adjunct Professor at Drexel University’s Lebow School of Business.




BS in Economics from Skidmore College

Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania

Certified Pinnacle Business Guide

YPO Certified Forum Facilitator

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