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Certified Associate

Jenni Wolfe

Jenni is a lifetime supporter of and innovator within public education.  She has over 33 years experience teaching grades K-5 in three different states, CA, MA, and WI.  A strong proponent of kinesthetic pedagogy, she recognizes that movement is the ticket to optimal brain function and emotional regulation.  She created a Kinesthetic Learning Lab, a prototype classroom with kid-sized exercise equipment, where students have freedom of movement to explore and integrate academic content.  For school districts, she  provides “Culturally Responsive Kinesthetic Classroom” training.

At ForumWithin, Jenni is the Lead Moderator Coach.  Her passion is to connect people's brains back into their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  The more we relate to our whole selves, the more we can relate to each other.

Jenni graduated with her BA from Presbyterian College before completing her Masters in Cross Cultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.  She also completed her teaching certification at Pacific Oaks College.

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BA in Education from Presbyterian College

Masters in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary

Teaching Credential from Pacific Oaks College

Founder of Kinesthetic Connectivity 

Lifetime Teacher License from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

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