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Certified Associate

Delynn Copley

Delynn Copley specializes in building and optimizing synergistic teams. Early in her career, Delynn spent ten years in the training industry, first building and leading the highly profitable publishing division of a $90 million adult learning company, then directing a group of 100 trainers delivering 6,000 seminars per year worldwide.  Today she draws on her 30 years of experience working in, leading, and facilitating teams of all kinds – executive, project, cross-functional and virtual – to help teams build authentic communication and collaboration. Team members gain an understanding of each other’s abilities and motivations, and learn to capitalize on their stylistic differences to create high-functioning, diverse, successful teams with healthy debate and dialogue. Delynn has facilitated over 300 offsite events with thousands of leaders all over North America for executives and teams, including CEO leadership forums in Young Presidents Organization, and has worked in a wide variety of industries.


With a degree in Business Administration from The University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, along with extensive facilitator training and certifications with The Enneagram Institute, the Hendricks Institute, Naropa University, and the Gottman Institute. Delynn has also served on numerous non-profit boards. She has been married since 1987 and has two young-adult children.




BS in Business from University of Colorado - Boulder Leeds School of Business

President of the Copley Group

YPO Certified Forum Facilitator

Enneagram Certified

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