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Certified Associate

Alison Bluestone

Alison is a high energy, progressive facilitator and retreat organizer providing a forum experience that differs from most. With over 20 years participation of YPO forum experiences, she has developed programs from real lessons learned that enable her groups to achieve their desired goals. Her tireless work ethic and ability to confront issues head-on has proved to be a welcome trait. Committed to preparation, Alison starts with outreach and research of every group member ensuring the personal considerations needed. Accountability is maintained by remaining available for long-term relationships after forum trainings and retreat, so all benefit from that continuity. Her diverse educational, business and personal life experiences enable her to handle tough group issues using intuition and creativity with sensitivity.


Alison graduated NYU with a BFA in dance therapy and conservatory acting, along with a background in Psychology. Her educational experience differentiates her from traditional business facilitators, offering diverse perspectives on human interactions. She uses techniques and tools from the actor’s perspective that many fortune 500 companies are now using for training CEOs and Management teams.


Alison’s goal in developing small peer/study groups for business and organizations is to optimize individual leadership potential through risk taking that can only happen in a small confidential setting. Her niche in Sociometry and Psychodrama brings groups to a deeper level of personal growth and understanding. This “neck down” experiential learning is an alternative approach to developing leadership skills by helping individuals dig deep, helping to identify those limitations that are blocking their success.


Alison is a retreat coordinator, specializing in the NYC Metro market. She creates rich and meaningful offsite meeting experiences in truly YPO style. She is well versed in handling all facets of retreats including, but not limited to, creating balanced agendas, securing special venues, cultural and educational resources, unique tours and entrée to clubs, restaurants, theater, etc. She continues to be an advocate for women in forum since the mid ‘90s, bringing female members and spouses together around the specific needs of women in business, raising families.


Alison served YPO as SFC in two different YPO chapters (NY Metro/NJ) over several years and was recognized with the Regional Forum Award for Excellence. Additionally, she has served as the Youth and Family Chapter Officer, creating a team approach. Her 2005 International Mother/Teenage Daughter Seminar brought female members and spouses together with their daughters for a 9.76 rating. She sits on the boards of several charitable organizations bridging the arts and children’s causes.



BFA in Performance Arts from New York University


MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the Teachers College at Columbia University


Founder & Coach at Momentous Meetings

Member of the International Coaching Federation

GRI Alliance Partner & Lead Affiliate

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