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Certified Coach

Brigitte Castaing Addimando, the dynamic Managing Partner at NorthStar Partnerships, embodies a blend of humility and tenacity in the strategic consulting and facilitation arenas. Her expertise spans strategic planning, business process enhancement, forum facilitation, and executive coaching. With leadership roles at firms like Energy Plus, Rubin Creative, Barclays, and American Express, she's made indelible marks in diverse industries.


Brigitte’s illustrious academic credentials include degrees from Harvard Business School, MIT, and Duke University, and affiliations with other prestigious institutions. These accolades don't just decorate her CV; they shape her practical, knowledge-driven approach to business and leadership. Outside her professional realm, Brigitte is deeply committed to philanthropy, especially in Philadelphia, where she aids youth-centric non-profit organizations. Serving on boards like Playworks PA, Uplift Center for Grieving Children, and the William Penn Charter School, she's showcased her dedication to community welfare and education. As a certified YPO Forum Facilitator, she underscores the value of peer learning and inclusive growth.

Brigitte Addimando

Brigitte's commitment to continuous learning is evident in her recent certifications in AI Empowerment for CEOs and executive coaching. Fluent in French, her linguistic capabilities further enhance her global perspective, echoed in her leadership roles at organizations such as YPO Philadelphia. In essence, Brigitte not only spearheads business at NorthStar Partnerships but also epitomizes a modern, inclusive, and compassionate leadership style that sets benchmarks in the corporate world.

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