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DNA Chips

& Design 


The review process begins with in-depth research surrounding your companies culture goals and core values. If there are multiple companies, we will review each companies values and goals. We then identify which core groups should be interviewed. 


Our team will review all survey results to identify key goals, values and metrics. We will also turn the interviews into short goals and discuss potential issues in your corporate culture. We will also use employee reviews from outside sources to use as many sources as possible.


Through the review process we will create tailored surveys based on corporate culture goals and values. Each identified department leader will be sent a survey and a follow up to confirm completion.​


After presenting our key findings to the department leaders and key executives we will take all their feedback to creating unique meeting plans. These custom agendas and goals will help each forum achieve its personal goals

Create a unique meeting structure with targeted agendas. Each group leader will have to sign off on the goals and commitments identified.​


The surveys will give our team a set of goals to use during our interview process. We will schedule interviews with department  leaders and key executives. The interview process will discuss corporate and individual goals and current gaps.


Our team of forum facilitators and moderator coaches will help each forum successfully launch and reach their key goals. 


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