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Is the forum time commitment worth the outcome?

Our clients say YES. Even more so now that we often work remotely. Our Peer Group surveys reveal 40-50% improvement in employee retention, connections, relationships, onboarding impact, toxic language recognition, cross silo communication and issue clearing.

How will ForumWithin implement our peer groups?

Together we create your custom program with our materials, agendas, and guides, while coaching your Forum Officer. Then our Certified Facilitators train each forum virtually and live, in a biweekly cadence. Your forum design and launch dates will include participation, location, and facilitator schedules, including surveys and assessments.

Who determines the selection of people in each forum?

We work with the CEO and Forum Officer to determine the balance and influence in each forum. A team can be by executive level, within a department, a diagonal cut of your organization, virtual, live, or a combination of each.

How do you scale the launch of multiple forums?

We usually suggest a Pilot forum, letting the “buzz” spread, then starting more forums to satisfy demand. We use a combination of live and virtual training sessions to take each forum through a series of experiential agendas, practicing language and protocols, while coaching a selected moderator. 

Will ForumWithin be effective when we go back to the office or continue remotely?

YES to both. Your teams can be connected live or virtually to the advantage of each forum. Some forums will decide to continue meeting remotely because of location or travel pressures, while other forums will share in-person experiences. 

Is it uncomfortable to work with people after hearing their personal stories?

Many people wonder about this, but our testimonials show the opposite. People are more comfortable with each other and more likely to communicate and collaborate after sharing their true stories with each other. 


Do you continue coaching each year or do we proceed independently?

Our goal is to train your Forum Officer, each moderator, and each forum to be self-sustaining. We recommend new moderator training and health assessments each year with local off-site retreats. ForumWithin also assists with issue clearing and onboarding/exiting forum members. 

FAQ - Key Executive Forums

How are League forums started for an association, chapter or network?

The key to forum participation is the endorsement and communication of the League to your members. Once members are aware of the League, an open enrollment period (The Draft) is announced to join membership forums and/or key executive forums. We start forum training, either virtually or in person, and prepare each peer group to be self-sustained and moderated.

Does ForumWithin perform the administration and training?

Yes, as a sponsored Vendor, ForumWithin will perform the duties of The Draft, Spring Training, Player Coaching, Retreats, and Forum Umpire. 


What is the impact of Key Executive forums on an organization?

The League creates new untapped executive tier networks, new relationships, new champions, best practice exchange, and membership retention. 

How does the organization support the Key Executive forums?

A League Commissioner per organization, chapter or network is recommended for guidance, member communication and feedback to ForumWithin. Once participants enroll, ForumWithin begins the team lineup and starts facilitated coaching. 

What has been the retention rate of members and key executives in forums?

Over a three year period, we have seen less than 1% turnover during 300+ forum meetings from network and employee forums. 


What does it cost a forum member to be in the Key Executive Forums?

For 2022 we anticipate $3,000 for the rookie year and $2,700 for renewal years per participant, depending on the organization, complexity, customization, and certified facilitator fee schedules. There is no cost structure for the organization but we will need feedback and guidance from your Leadership. 


How do we SCALE forums for our Association special interest networks?

The challenge for most organizations is how to bring value to membership connections included in their dues or at the best buy-in cost. Our Certified Facilitators can create new forums or maintain healthy forums, rejuvenate moderator turnover, or address protocol decay or unhealthy habits.

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